Our Promise

Every month, 5% of our net proceeds and any additional funding recieved through our donors and corporate sponsors will be given back to our community.

  • Grants, Scholarships and Giveaways

    We're blessed to bring smiles to the faces of many student-athletes across Canada. With their high level of commitment to their respective sport, we understand how difficult it may be for young athletes pursuing their dreams.

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  • Events and Fundraisers

    Our intention is to bring the community together by hosting frequent events (based in Toronto) and raising funds and awareness for our initiatives. There's always an event coming up that you may be interested in!

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  • Donations To Local Charities

    We try our best to bring forth a positive change by donating to various local charities every year. We'd like to lead by example and encourage our community to find different ways they can positively impact the world.


Thank you to our valued customers for helping us give back.

If you'd like make a donation, please leave your information below.